Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Senegalese oil industry: Key decision makers

Macky Sall

Born in 1961, he became the sengalese president in 2012. He has a background of geologist engineer and studied in the Institute of earth and science in Dakar,  the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP) and National College of Petroleum and Engines (ENSPM). He has a good understanding of oil and gas industry and he saw with the recent oil and gas discoveries an opportunity to lift up his ambitious PSE, Plan Senegal Emergent, that aims to transform Senegal in an emerging country by 2030 by developing infrastructure, industrial and social projects. He should achieve his mandate by 2017 and if reelected by 2022, it might be difficult for his policies to really benefit from the oil exploitation which is expected to start in 2022 too. It's worth mentionning that his brother, Aliou Sall, has been involved in the local oil industry.

Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne

Born in 1959, he became the senegalese prime minister in 2014, his educationnal background is IT and he is graduated from an IT engineering school. He is in charge of implementing and coordinating the PSE plan and he is also deeply involved in the development of the senegalese oil and gas industry. It is one of the main priority of the current senegalese government. 

Mamadou Faye

He is the managing director of Petrosen, the national oil and gas company.  He joine Peetrosen in 1983 as a geologist engineer , before becoming the managing director in 2012. Petrosen, a state company, is operating under the umbrella of the ministry of energy, mining and industry. It is in charge of managing the exploration, production, transport and refining, and the sale and distribution of petroleum products. It is therefore an inevitable actor for all oil development projects. 

Mountaga Sy

He is the managing director of APIX, it is the national agency in charge of promoting foreign investments in Senegal. In order to promote investment, APIX offers a wide range of incentives like tax break, VAT suspension, and free customs tax for certain equipment. See more here

Cheikh Sidi Mokhtar Mbacké

Cheikh Sidi Mokkhtar Mbacke is the leader of the Mouride brotherhood, a muslim sect. While little known ouside Senegal and Gambia, this brotherhood gathers millions of followers in Senegal, and the majority of senegalese actually belongs to this sect. Cheikh Sidi Mokkhtar Mbacke enjoys a great influence on the senegalese religious issue but also in political, economical and social issues. 

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