Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Senegalese Oil: President Macky Sall warns about grossly exaggerated figures

The Senegalese president Macky Sall reported on Monday «unreliable figures», on the deposit of oil off the coasts of the Senegal, attractive «in caution», on the Radio international France (RFI).

« For the moment we have a certainly significant discovery, but who will be certain only after additional exploration and  boring tests that are scheduled in the coming months, asserted Mr Sall who« invites everybody to be cautious on this matter and to no create false expectation».

COS-Petrogaz: New committee to supervise the oil and gas industry

For him, it is a too serious issue for the country's future to let anyone speculate or disinform the public with unreliable figures».

Leaders of opposition and society report regularly «juicy and underground contracts» of the State with oil societies, accusing the businessman Frank Timis, implicated in the exploration of several offshore gas blocks, »of cronyism and corruption ».

« We set up a committee to lead to take the richt decisions in choice concerning the exploration and the exploitation of the oilfield and to establish and to monitor the contracts», explained the president.

Mid-October, the Senegalese presidency announced, the creation of a «Committee of strategical direction of the oil and gas industry» called "Cos-petrogaz", «to reinforce the transparency in the management of natural resources» of the country.

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